9 Best Tennis Shorts For Men & Women in 2024

Best Tennis Shorts

There are the best tennis shorts for men and women on the market, which we reviewed in this guide to tennis shorts. To assist you in choosing the next addition to your tennis wardrobe, we have selected the best budget tennis shorts from different brands.

The weight, length, stretch, pockets, color, and price of each pair of shorts that we looked at were considered.

Choosing a pair of tennis shorts requires more consideration than you may think. Here, we’ll explain how to choose tennis shorts that suit your needs.

Best Tennis Shorts in 2023

In order to make your shopping experience easier, we have compiled a list of the best cheap tennis shorts. You can choose from a range of styles, designs, materials, and brands.

Nike Court Dry 7 Inch Tennis Shorts

Nike Court Dry 7 Inch Tennis Shorts

We recommend the Nike Court Dry 7 Inch Tennis Shorts as one of our favorite tennis shorts. If you own a pair already, I’m sure you’d agree that they are the best overall tennis shorts.

The elastic waistbands on white tennis shorts make them very comfortable. Wearing them for long periods of time is possible due to their flexibility and movement. It dries sweat extremely quickly thanks to Nike Drit-Fit technology. Due to their 100% polyester composition, these shorts are very breathable and ventilated to help players maintain a comfortable body temperature. 

These Nike shorts feature seven-inch seams and deep pockets. Besides black and white, they do not come in many other styles. 

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Fort Isle Men’s Running Shorts

Fort Isle Men’s Running Shorts

Purchase a pair of timeless classic shorts if you want them to last a lifetime. Lightweight, comfortable, and highly flexible, Fort Isle’s running shorts are a great choice for runners.

Your favorite tennis stars wear shorts with a six-inch inseam. For the most part, anyway. 

An inner liner made of silky smooth fabric ensures a perfect fit and freedom of movement. Additionally, these shorts keep you dry while exercising as well as absorbing sweat.

With them, you can play tennis, exercise, and do a variety of outdoor activities. 

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WILSON Competition 8in Men’s Tennis Shorts

WILSON Competition 8in Men’s Tennis Shorts

Wilson shorts are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a classic sports look and comfort. Polyester and mesh material are used to make these tennis shorts, which have an 8-inch inseam.

They provide adequate coverage, are well-fitted, and are comfortable. Shorts that are ripped can stretch a lot when you move on the court, so you won’t have to worry about embarrassing incidents. 

Stay dry and comfortable with Wilson’s nanoWIK Moisture Movement Technology. Air can also flow through the ventilation system, helping to regulate body temperature. Tennis shorts for men can’t get any better than these. 

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Babolat Men`s Play Tennis Short

Babolat Men`s Play Tennis Short

Babolat never disappoints with these shorts. These shorts are so comfortable thanks to the elastic drawstring waistband. Men’s tennis shorts from Babolat are made from polyester that repels water. 

They will not rip apart due to their tear-resistant properties.  With 360-degree movement, the shorts move along with you, no matter how intense your match gets. 

This type of material allows for ventilation, which helps you stay cool.

Babolat tennis shorts feature a variety of color choices on the waistband.

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NikeCourt Flex Women’s Tennis Shorts

NikeCourt Flex Women’s Tennis Shorts

Likewise, Nike is again on this list of the best tennis shorts for women with side pockets. With every movement, these shorts move with the player, making them incredibly comfortable and flexible.

The tight fit of these undershorts makes them a great choice when it’s cold during the winter. Two pockets are included in the shorts, as well as an elastic waistband. 

While NikeCourt Flex tennis shorts are made of polyester, they are breathable and provide ventilation. A bright pink color is available.

Tennis court shorts can also be worn hiking or at the gym, as well as on the tennis court. 

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Adidas Women’s Tennis Shorts

Adidas Women’s Tennis Shorts

In these Adidas tennis shorts with liners, you’ll be able to feel comfortable and confident on the court. Adidas makes them from recycled polyester materials in an admirable effort to reduce plastic waste. 

Comfortable and flexible, these shorts feature a regular fit and comfort. Adidas uses Aeroready technology for its ventilation system to keep players comfortable and dry during games.

There are two side pockets on the shorts, and the colors range from basic to bright.

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Adidas Men’s Standard Tennis Shorts

Adidas Men’s Standard Tennis Shorts

Adidas tennis shorts with pockets are designed for movement. These shorts provide a lot of comfort and flexibility. It has the perfect balance between a loose and snug fit for an adjustable fit. 

A draw cord is located on the inside waistband of the shorts. 

Adidas Men Standard tennis shorts are made from polyester and mesh materials to provide excellent breathability and ventilation.

This material is also recycled and made of Primagreen, which is part of the Adidas sustainable sportswear series. 

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Adidas Men’s Designed 2 Move

Adidas Men’s Designed 2 Move

This pair of shorts is another Adidas product! They simply check all the boxes, making them one of the best long tennis shorts. These Adidas shorts are very comfortable to wear while working out. 

They allow players to move freely due to their coverage and flexibility. These synthetic textile shorts feature two side pockets and a regular fit. With short materials, you won’t have a problem staying dry because they absorb sweat well. 

You won’t be limited to one style choice with these shorts, since they come in a variety of colors.

It might be the ones you are looking for, so check them out. In addition to that, they’re quite cheap, so it might be worth checking them out. 

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G Gradual Men’s 7 Inch Shorts

G Gradual Men’s 7 Inch Shorts

I recommend this product to those on a tight budget who want to save some money without compromising quality. Here are the best men’s tennis shorts with pockets.

You will have excellent comfort and flexibility while practicing in G Gradual Men’s tennis shorts. Polyamide and mesh materials combine to create lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying garments. The two deep pockets on these shorts allow tennis balls to be safely stored, as well as small personal items.  

There is a 7-inch seam length on this garment, as well as an elastic waistband with an inner drawstring and a drawstring at the back. In addition to wearing them on the tennis court, you can also wear them on the road, on a bike, or even while exercising. There are several colors to choose from. 

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How to Choose the Best Tennis Shorts for You

A number of factors must be taken into account when choosing the right tennis shorts.

  • Fabric/Cut: There are a variety of tennis shorts available, each with a different amount of stretch and flexibility. Other shorts will be heavier than others, and some fabrics are designed to keep you cool and dry in hot weather.
  • Pocket depth: Coaches often prefer deeper pockets so they can carry more tennis balls, while players rarely have to hold more than one ball at a time.
  • Length: Would you prefer shorts that are long or short?
  • Some of the best tennis shoes are also made by many tennis short manufacturers. Choosing brands that match may be a good idea.

Let’s examine the fabric of tennis shorts before describing their features in detail.

What type of fabric is used in tennis shorts?

Best Tennis Shorts

It is mostly polyester that is used in the best tennis shorts. Due to its lightweight properties and durability, polyester is an excellent athletic apparel material. In addition to being easy to clean, the fabric dries fast and doesn’t wrinkle.

Tennis players benefit from these characteristics of polyester during long matches by staying dry and cool. As well as providing flexibility, they allow the player to move around the court easily.

These shorts are also often made with spandex, which gives them their elastic properties. The waistband is mainly made of spandex. In addition to nylon, tennis shorts can be made of other materials.

Material Matters

Material plays a significant role in your performance when it comes to tennis shorts. These are the three main materials you’ll find:

  • Cotton: Traditional and comfortable, but may trap sweat.
  • Polyester: Lightweight and moisture-wicking, perfect for long matches.
  • Spandex: Offers excellent stretch and flexibility.

It is important to consider your comfort level and the climate you play in when choosing the right material. Moisture-wicking polyester is a great choice when the weather is hot and humid, while cotton is a better choice when the weather is cooler.

Features to Consider when Buying the Best Tennis Shorts

Best Tennis Shorts

Before you buy tennis shorts, here are some things you should consider.

Inseam Length

A short inseam is measured from the inside of the leg. 8.5 inches is a standard length. Short shorts with a 7-inch inseam are characteristic of Rafael Nadal.

Having a long body can make it difficult to move for low balls or stretch for running shots. Shorts with an inseam no longer than 9 inches are recommended for advanced players who move around the court a lot.


Can it even be explained why it is important to check out the material first? Don’t spend money on tennis shorts that aren’t comfortable or make your movements difficult. 

Tennis shorts used to be made of cotton, but they weren’t the most comfortable. Since this material does not absorb sweat well, wearing it during long matches makes you feel heavy.

Even though cotton shorts are no longer uncommon as “tennis classics,” consider the downsides of the material before purchasing. 

Polyester and spandex are the best materials for tennis shorts today. Shorts can also be made from the material, which is extremely comfortable. 

As well as being lightweight and flexible, it is highly durable and flexible. Additionally, these materials don’t hold wrinkles, protect the player from sweat, and keep them cool longer. Spandex in the waistband makes them more elastic, making them more comfortable.                                                      

Polyester and spandex are high-quality materials that will keep your tennis shorts from ripping. 


Taking this one for granted is easy, so don’t. Tennis is the only sport where good pockets are as important as good play. 

Tennis balls can be very frustrating, and losing one during a game can result in the loss of a free point.  Especially if you are a beginner, you should have a second ball on hand in case you make a mistake. Be prepared; we’ve all been there; don’t let your peace of mind be compromised. 

The two balls are secured safely in ball pockets on tennis shorts, allowing you to play without being hindered. Those with deep pockets can store up to five balls, compared to shorts with average depth pockets.

When buying the best tennis shorts, make sure those pockets are present. 

Pocket Depth

Tennis balls tend to fall out of pockets during points, so keeping them in your pocket is essential.

When a tennis player serves, he or she holds one ball in their pocket. Two or three tennis balls can fit in pockets with average depth, while five or more tennis balls can fit in pockets with greater depth, like the Fila shorts above.

Fit and Style

Side vents and stretch fabrics are features that some tennis shorts have to make them more mobile. In addition, mesh cutouts and sweat-wicking fabrics help you stay cool during a hot match. Look for shorts that are appropriate for the climate in which you play.

Mesh Lining

Most brands combine mesh and polyester materials to make their best tennis shorts. Sports apparel uses mesh material in many different ways, not just shorts, as you may have noticed. 

It is so flexible and breathable due to two main reasons. The mesh helps regulate body temperature by allowing air to circulate freely. Furthermore, it wicks moisture away from the body, allowing it to dry more quickly. In mesh linings, knitted fabrics are able to stretch widely and allow for freedom of movement. You will hardly feel it as well; it is extremely lightweight. 

Tennis shorts with liners are always recommended to make playing tennis more comfortable.

Why the Right Tennis Shorts Matter

Best Tennis Shorts

Comfort is Key

Tennis requires agility and quick movements because it is a physically demanding sport. You should be able to move freely without any restrictions by wearing the right tennis shorts. To stay dry during intense matches, choose lightweight, breathable shorts that wick away moisture.

Style and Confidence

There’s more to tennis than hitting perfect shots. It’s about looking good too. In addition to enhancing your performance, well-designed tennis shorts boost your self-esteem. Depending on your taste, they are available in a variety of styles and colors.

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Styles and Design Features

Best Tennis Shorts

Different styles and designs of tennis shorts are available to suit individual tastes and playing conditions. In this article, we will explore some of the most common options available on the market.

Length Options

There are different lengths of tennis shorts, and the choice often depends on personal preference and comfort.

Traditional Shorts

There are two types of tennis shorts: knee-length and above-the-knee shorts. Providing good coverage and allowing for a full range of motion, they provide a classic look.


In addition to looking like a skirt, skorts offer the functionality of shorts. In addition to providing comfort and flexibility, they are popular among female tennis players.

Compression Shorts

Supporting the muscles and reducing muscle fatigue are the functions of compression shorts. Boosting blood circulation can assist in performance and recovery as they fit snugly against the body. In addition to wearing compression shorts on their own, you can also wear them under regular tennis shorts as a base layer.

Pockets and Storage

A tennis short with pockets is a convenient feature. Tennis balls, keys, and towels can be stored in them. Your belongings will stay safely in place during matches if your shorts have deep pockets or secure zippered pockets.

Waistband and Adjustability

For a secure and comfortable fit, a well-designed waistband is essential. The waistband of your shorts should be adjustable, either with drawstrings or elastic bands. You can adjust the fit to fit your preferences and the shorts will stay put during intense activities.

How to Choose a Tennis Short Brand

Best Tennis Shorts Brands

Tennis shorts can be ordered from companies that make all three, including tennis bags, shoes, and shirts. Tennis shorts and other tennis gear are made by some of these big brands.

  • Nike: produces shoes, bags, and shirts as well.
  • Adidas: produces shoes, bags, and shirts as well.
  • Fila: produces shoes, bags, and shirts as well.
  • Lacoste: produces tennis shirts as well.

In addition to being lightweight, flexible, breathable, and having pockets on both sides, good tennis shorts should also have pockets for tennis balls.

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How We Selected Best Shorts For Tennis

Since there are so many tennis short options on the market, choosing the best one was challenging. This list was compiled after extensive research and review. Including a wide variety of categories, styles, brands, and designs ensured that everyone would find something they love. 

Our criteria for selecting the best tennis shorts included fabric quality, fit, style, design, flexibility, and utility.  There were a variety of options available to both women and men.

Our descriptions and technical specifications make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. 

Benefits of Quality Tennis Shorts

It is beneficial to invest in high-quality tennis shorts for several reasons, including:

Improved Performance

Your performance can be enhanced by wearing quality shorts that provide you with comfort and freedom of movement.


You will save money in the long run if you purchase well-made tennis shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how tennis shorts are different from other shorts by reading on.

What are the best shorts for tennis?

This question is determined by what you’re looking for. The Fort Isle Men’s Running Shorts are a classic and elegant pair of running shorts. A six-inch inseam and 90% polyester make up their inseam.
Those looking for a more modern style will love the Wilson Competition 8in Men’s Tennis Shorts. The inseam of this pair is eight inches and it is made of 100% polyester.

Can I wear regular gym shorts for tennis?

For better performance and comfort, we recommend investing in tennis-specific shorts rather than regular gym shorts.

Can I wear running shorts for tennis? 

It is possible for you to do that. The main difference between running shorts and tennis shorts is their length. Tennis shorts are usually longer than running shorts. There are several similarities between both types of shorts, including their lightweight and breathable qualities.

Is there a material or fabric that is better for tennis shorts?

A lot of tennis players prefer shorts made of polyester or nylon because they wick moisture and dry quickly. Sweat and moisture are wicked away by these materials on the court, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable. The sun’s harmful rays can also be protected by some shorts that have built-in UV protection.

Is it better to wear underwear or shorts with liners?

Personal preference is involved here. Many players prefer to wear underwear with built-in liners or liners, while others think it is unnecessary or uncomfortable. When trying on different styles, make sure you find the one that works best for you.

Which shorts length is best for tennis?

It depends on your personal preference and how you play tennis to determine what length of shorts are best. The length of the shorts is important for some players in order to provide more coverage and support, while the length of the shorts is important for others in order to provide maximum mobility.

Do women’s tennis shorts have any special considerations?

Tennis shorts designed for women are generally higher-rise and more covered than shorts made for men, but the same comfort, fit, and durability principles apply. A wide waistband is another design element that adds comfort and support to women’s shorts.

How are tennis shorts different?

Compared to other types of shorts, tennis shorts provide greater comfort and flexibility. Most of these garments are made from lightweight, breathable materials. A lining inside the jacket can also remove sweat.

Do all tennis shorts have pockets?

It is not a feature of all tennis shorts to have pockets. Most of them, however, have at least one pocket. This is usually found in the back pocket of a short. Adidas Men’s Standard Tennis Shorts are among the best tennis shorts with pockets. Two side pockets can hold tennis balls, and the back pocket can hold keys or phones.

Final Thoughts

It is our recommendation to purchase Nike Court Dry 7-inch tennis shorts for the best men’s tennis shorts. In addition to being lightweight, flexible, and very comfortable, these materials are of high quality.

For women tennis players, NikeCourt Flex Tennis Shorts are the best option. With their comfort, versatility, and great design, you will look and feel your best on the court.

The purpose of this article is to help you choose the best tennis shorts for your games. We hope you found it useful. 

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