The Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 in 2024

Best Tennis Rackets Under $100

A good performance tennis racket under $100 with easy playability is not hard to find. Chances are that budget is one of your main concerns, unless you are a professional athlete with different brands sponsoring you.

Listed below are the best tennis rackets under $100 to help you out. 

Keeping it real, nobody wants to spend a fortune on equipment, but they also don’t want to be stuck with a racket they can’t use.

To help you boost your confidence, serve you well, and keep your wallet happy, we’ve curated the best affordable tennis rackets on the market. 

Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Reviews

Listed below are the best rackets under 100 dollars on the market today. However, the prices are still quite affordable despite fluctuations caused by factors outside our control. The features, durability, and performance of these rackets were considered when choosing them. 

HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

Head Ti S6

Many players consider the Head Ti S6 to be one of the best rackets under 100 dollars. It might be cheap, but this racket performs well and is easy to use. 

When you are still learning the game’s techniques, it comes in handy to have such a big head, which has high power levels. In addition, this racket has a large sweet spot, which is one of its best features. 

Aside from being lightweight and more comfortable, HEAD Ti S6 offers a larger margin of error and is more forgiving. Players who are beginners, recreational, or intermediate can benefit most from this racket. 

Due to its low level of control, stability, and spin, this racket will not be of much use to advanced players. It doesn’t matter, however, because a beginner won’t even notice these features. Titanium and graphite fibers are used in making the racket, which is durable and can take some knocks. 

Babolat Boost S

Babolat Boost S

Among the rackets under 100, another Babolat racket made the cut. It weighs only 10.4 oz and is made of flimsy, high-quality materials. Beginners or recreational players will benefit from this lightweight racket. 

Juniors and players with smaller physiques will benefit from this option. Woofer technology was used in the manufacturing process to make the strings work together to absorb shocks, and to deliver extra power. 

This graphite frame is slightly oversized, which makes it easy to maneuver and more forgiving to the arm. Players still learning can also take advantage of Babolat Boost S’s higher margin of error. With the weight of this racket, spin and control are well balanced. It was a good racket with good performance and playability; Babolat makes great tennis rackets for a good price. 

HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP

HEAD Graphene XT Radical MP

Due to the smaller head size, the Head Graphene XT Radical MP generates heavy spin and is incredibly fast. If you are an aggressive player with a fast swing, this racket is perfect for you. 

With its high responsiveness and ability to redirect the ball with precision, it performs well in all court areas. Despite its versatility and ease of maneuvering, this racket is easy to use even at difficult angles. Providing a nice, soft feel, it allows a better connection with the ball.

It does hit cleanly in every shot, even though the sweet spot isn’t particularly large. You can easily tap into the high levels of control provided by this Head racket.

 Surprisingly, the frame also delivers good speed and power. Intermediate players will benefit the most from this racket’s amazing features, which are mostly suitable for them. 

The Head Graphene XT Radical MP tennis racket is the best tennis racket under $100 for advanced players. All the right features are combined in this ball that delivers heavy spin, is solid, and surprisingly powerful. 

HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

HEAD Microgel Radical Tennis Racket

Our recommendation for the best value tennis racket on this list is the Head Microgel Radical. For intermediate and advanced players, this racket is versatile.

Head’s MicroGel technology is used in the manufacturing process to enhance feel and comfort by absorbing shock during impact and distributing vibrations evenly. 

It enables players to direct the ball on the court and add depth to their shots with precision, control, and stability. For aggressive baseline players who prefer full and fast strokes, this Head tennis racket is a great option. As a result of the racket’s slightly heavier balance, it is easier to maneuver and allows it to swing faster. 

Even though the sweet spot isn’t very large, it’s still enjoyable if you stay away from it. It has the disadvantage of not being very forgiving, and due to its smaller head, it is very low in power; you will have to generate your own strength for shots.

HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme

HEAD Ti. Instinct Supreme

If you are shopping for a tennis racket under 50 dollars, look no further than the rackets on this list. Head Ti. Tennis rackets like the Instinct Supreme are among the best on the market at a reasonable price.

 You won’t have to spend a fortune with this racket and still get the performance you expect; it’s excellent for beginners and casual players who only play a few times a month. Ensure that it performs well. 

With its oversized head and a nice sweet spot, this racket delivers high levels of power and assists players in mastering precision when shooting. Rackets with lighter head balances are easier to maneuver and add more stability. 

There is a high margin of error with this racket, making it quite forgiving. Additionally, it minimizes vibration and shock, so players feel more comfortable on the court and are less likely to be injured. With its durable material, this racket will last you for a long time, making every cent spent worthwhile. 

WILSON Blade Team V7 Adult Performance Tennis Rackets

WILSON Blade Team V7 Adult Performance Tennis Rackets

With this Wilson Adult Performance tennis racket, Wilson continues to set new standards in the tennis racket industry. With its affordable price tag, impressive features, and good performance, this is a great value. The head size is slightly smaller, but the spot is larger and easy to spot. 

Players who use this Wilson racket will be able to hit the ball with precision and depth due to its high levels of stability. Those who play aggressively benefit from the beam construction due to its increased stability and dwell time.

Furthermore, besides being fast and having decent power, it has decent power and decent power. A parallel drilling pattern makes the racket more responsive, consistent, and forgiving. In order to increase playability and arm comfort, the strings have an open pattern and are made of multifilament materials. It is made of durable, long-lasting materials, is lightweight, and has a nice feel. 

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive

When it comes to the best tennis racket for intermediate players, we have the perfect recommendation for you. With a beautiful, modern design and high performance, the Babolat 2021 Boost Drive is sure to impress. As a result of the racket’s slightly oversized head, it produces powerful shots, allows for bigger margins of error, and is more comfortable to use. 

In addition to providing a nice, crisp feeling, the racket makes connecting with the ball look effortless. There is an aerodynamic beam on this Babolat racket, which allows for more precise and accurate shots. In spite of the fact that you haven’t yet mastered all the necessary skills and techniques, it is extremely easy to use. 

The racket is able to execute full, powerful swings and medium-length strokes effortlessly, becoming a fan favorite quickly. Additionally, it offers good control and stability as well as a decent spin. 

Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26

Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26

The goal of every beginner racket player is to find the best racket they can afford while also staying within their budget. In this case, the Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26” might be the right choice for you. In addition to its great design, this racket delivers good performance and is easy to play with. This game provides a high level of power that can be easily tapped into by the player. 

With new technological advances, the brand’s rackets are more forgiving and comfortable. There is a good amount of flexibility in the frame, which absorbs vibrations and shocks well. When you can hit full swings, it’s great. Because of its standard head size, this racket also offers a satisfying amount of spin, control, and stability. 

A player can connect almost immediately with the Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26” thanks to its nice feel. The graphite used in this product is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting.

 As one of our top picks among tennis rackets under 100 dollars, the Babolat brand rarely disappoints. 

Our Selection For the Best Tennis Rackets Under 100

Best Tennis Rackets Under $100

The following list is a selection of the best inexpensive tennis rackets available for less than $100. We researched the market extensively to find the best options. Power, speed, spin, control, technical features, durability, and other key elements of a racket’s performance were carefully considered when testing them. 

In order to provide our readers with a full view of affordable options, we showcased a variety of categories. While staying within a tight budget, you can rely on our expertise to find the right tennis racket for you. 


What should the price of a tennis racquet be?

In terms of how often you play and your skill level, it really depends on you. It’s probably not worth spending more than $100 on a racquet if you’re a beginner.
A tennis racket worth $200 or more may be worth investing in if you’re an advanced player or play tennis frequently.

What is the best budget tennis racket?

Your skill level and needs will determine the best budget tennis racket. There are, however, some good options under $100, such as the Head Graphene XT Radical MP and the Head Ti S6.

Which tennis racket is good for beginners?

Specifically designed for junior players, the Babolat 2021 Pure Drive 26″ is a good tennis racket for beginners. Beginners will love its forgiving sweet spot and affordability.


The Head Ti S6 tennis racket is our recommendation for the best tennis racket under 100 dollars. Providing extreme power, fast speed, and a good sweet spot, this racket cannot be beat.

In addition to being comfortable and forgiving, this racket allows a higher margin of error as well. Beginners and casual players will mostly benefit from this. 

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