Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews in 2024

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

How can you ease the pain of flat feet with the best tennis shoes for flat feet? Looking for tennis shoes that provide support and comfort specifically designed for players with low arches?

This is the right place for you!

Using the internet, we have compiled a list of the top tennis shoes for players with flat feet, so you can get back to enjoying the game.

What Are Flat Feet? 

What Are Flat Feet

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In other words, having flat feet can also be referred to as having ‘fallen arches’ or ‘low arches’. Basically, this occurs when the muscles in the middle of the foot are unable to support the connection between the front and rear of the foot.

This causes alignment, posture, and biomechanics issues since the entire foot is in contact with the ground almost all of the time. 

If you have flat feet, wearing tennis shoes with arch support is even more important.

For shoes designed for flat feet, cushioning and stability are also crucial. If not managed properly, the condition can cause great discomfort and even injury. 

Consequently, we have created a list of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. Here are all the benefits and further explanations of why we chose each option.

Why is it Important to Find the Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet? 

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

In many athletes, flat-footedness is a common condition. Playing tennis requires a lot of twisting, turning, stopping, and starting, which can be very painful if you wear the wrong shoes. 

Injuries and discomfort can occur when you play tennis in shoes that are not designed for flat feet. Tennis shoes are an essential part of your sports wardrobe, so you have to find the right pair for you. 

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Tennis shoes aren’t always easy to choose. Besides fitting and sizing correctly, tennis shoes must offer support, and durability, and suit your playing style.

This is why we’ve put together a list of the best budget tennis shoes for flat feet that cover all the bases.

Everybody can find something to enjoy.

Asics Gel-Challenger 12

Asics Gel-Challenger 12

Asics Gel-Challenger 12 is our top pick for tennis shoes for flat feet. Lightweight, breathable, stable, comfortable, and supportive, Asics shoes are famous for their high quality.

With the Gel-Challenger 12, they’ve really outdone themselves, having designed them for high-arch running. 

Gel-Challenger 12s are extremely lightweight and breathable on the uppers, but extremely springy and supportive on the soles. Ankles are hugged tightly into the shoe for extra comfort and shock absorption, and there is special gel in the front and back of the shoe. 

It is remarkable that the Asics Gel-Challenger 12s are so extremely agile and lightweight for such a comfortable, stable, and robust tennis shoe. Those with flat feet looking to take their tennis game to the next level will find them the perfect all-rounder.

Vionic Edin Sneaker

Vionic Edin Sneaker

Our testing revealed that the Vionic Edin is both flat-foot-friendly and budget-friendly. In our opinion, these shoes offer adequate stability while walking. Although they do not feel as cushioned as typical running or walking sneakers, we believe they will become comfortable as soon as you become accustomed to them.

The outsole is flexible and cushioned, while the upper is lightweight and not very breathable. Additionally, the heel has a pull tab, which makes it easier to put on and take off the shoe.

The lightweight and sturdy nature of these shoes is appealing to us. Sizing up a half size is recommended because they run small.

Saucony Women’s Triumph 19 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Triumph 19 Running Shoe

Our recommendation for a plush cushioned walking shoe is Saucony’s Triumph 19. FORMFIT gives the Triumph 19 stability for flat feet by hugging the foot three-dimensionally and stabilizing every movement. 

Despite being a walking/running shoe, the mesh upper is incredibly soft, giving the shoes a lightweight feel. We did note, however, that the shoe’s mesh upper isn’t ideal for cold-weather walking.

Also, we appreciate that some of the materials used in the construction of this shoe are recyclable. For the perfect fit, it is available in wide sizes.

Adidas Men’s Barricade 

Adidas Men’s Barricade 

There is no doubt that the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes are among the best on the market when it comes to support and quality. Players who need extra padding for their feet will find it to be robust, durable, and sturdy. 

As well as increasing lightness, breathability, and comfort, the latest Barricade is also more comfortable. Players with flat feet will benefit even more from this.

It has been reborn as an icon of tennis shoes. The reason for its popularity is obvious! 

You can also move around the court without worrying about slipping on the Barricade, as it offers great traction.

Asics Men’s Gel-Kayano 28

Asics Men's Gel-Kayano 28

The Asics Gel-Kayano 28 is especially suitable for those who enjoy brisk walks and speedwalking. With better-than-average cushioning, this shoe scored well in the lateral stability and support categories. 

In the Gel-Kayano 28, gel supports minimize shock during impact on flat feet, ankles, knees, and hips. It’s nice to feel an effortless lift from the gel soles, even though they don’t feel super springy. However, we felt there wasn’t as much blister protection as we hoped.

We found these shoes to be the most comfortable while walking and running. You can also enjoy nature walks on your favorite trails with the Gel-Kayano 28 due to its ample traction.

Asics Women’s Gel-Kayano 28

Asics Women's Gel-Kayano 28

The Asics Gel Kayano is our pick for the best overall women’s flat-foot shoe. In our first test walk, the shoe fit perfectly and felt comfortable right away. Running and walking enthusiasts highly recommend these shoes after trying them. 

These shoes combine stability and cushioning, making them ideal for long walks. During impact, this pair has gel cushioning that minimizes shock. Furthermore, the traction on the soles is extremely useful when walking on trails. Our list also includes a pair of shoes that weigh just under 9 ounces, making them one of the lightest.

Despite being responsive, these shoes aren’t too bouncy, leading to smoother strides. Also, we appreciate how the gel cushioning in the heel absorbs shock during long walks. In colder weather, you can walk confidently in this breathable upper fabric that’s structured but not stiff.

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12

A New Balance Fresh Foam shoe offers excellent lateral stability and support when it comes to motion control.

Footbed stability is provided by a supportive medial post and an Ultra Heel. Moreover, the double-knit mesh upper features strategic embroidery that provides additional support and stability. We found the cushioning to be quite plush, and they felt stable once we laced them up. 

We became smitten with this pair after a few test walks. Although you may experience blisters at first due to its pronounced heel tab.

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 

K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 

This K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 tennis shoe is one of our favorites due to its versatility and lightweight design. A bit on the wide side, this tennis shoe has an impressive amount of cushioning. Tennis players with flat feet will love this roomy, well-dampened shoe, as it provides plenty of additional arch support. 

No matter where you play, these fantastic tennis shoes from K-Swiss will provide you with plenty of stability on all surfaces.

Prince T22

Prince T22

It is no surprise that the Prince T22 tennis shoes have stood the test of time! The shoes are the perfect companion for tennis players who have flat feet thanks to their comfort, support, and cushioning. 

In addition to its superior shock absorption, the T22 is equally capable of handling the force of playing on a hard court. You can check tennis shoes for a hard court here.

This tennis shoe is surprisingly breathable and lightweight for one that is so durable and supportive. As a result, it is extremely versatile. 

In addition to absorbing shock, the midsole provides additional support for flat-footed players.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Our testing proved that the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is the best overall men’s shoe for walkers with flat feet because of its great fit, plush feel, and health benefits. Lightweight and cushioned, this shoe offers structure and stability all day long. 

Brooks’ “GuideRails Technology” provided lateral stability and support, which was our favorite part of these shoes. This is Brooks’ way of explaining that extra cushioning in the heel minimizes excessive movement, providing foot, knee, and hip support.

We know this is a bold statement, but this was one of our favorite shoes during testing. All of our testing walks were comfortably cushioned by the Adrenaline GTS 22 – not too soft, not too firm. Our feet were propelling forward as we walked because the shoes were responsive when we stepped. For brisk and long walks, they were very supportive and structured, yet the upper material was luxurious. 

There is a narrower heel and a wider toe box on this shoe. A narrower toe area could make these shoes feel less snug than you would like. You might not be able to wear these shoes if you have unstable ankles, since that is the weakest area of support in the shoe.

Aside from earning the APMA Seal of Approval, they also garnered the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Babolat Jet 

Babolat Jet 

The Babolat Jet is another excellent tennis shoe. This shoe is well-cushioned just by looking at its heel portion. In addition to providing plenty of shock absorption and support, the sole is also not too bulky, so you won’t be slowed down by it. 

Considering how well-cushioned they are, the Jets are also very light.

For players with low arches, these shoes are the closest thing you can get to a lightweight running shoe.

Saucony Guide 15 Running Shoe

Saucony Guide 15 Running Shoe

The Saucony Guide 15 is perfect for those who prefer lightweight walking shoes. Despite its lightweight design, this shoe offers adequate stability for flat feet thanks to its lateral support. Additionally, lightweight shoes with a little flexibility are beneficial when doing HIIT exercises and plyometrics.

These shoes are surprisingly lightweight for a stability walking shoe. While they have all the extra features that align your feet, they tend to be heavier than other types of sneakers. In addition, the Guide 15’s mesh upper is flexible and not rigid, making it an excellent travel shoe.

Also, the deeper footbed provides support not just from the bottom, but from all angles. Additionally, the mesh upper is partially made from recycled materials. Despite its lighter weight, the Saucony Guide 15 provides plenty of stability for flat feet.

Babolat Propulse Blast All Court

Babolat Propulse Blast All Court

The Babolat Propulse Blast All Court Tennis Shoes round out our list of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. With comfort, cushioning, support, and style, these shoes are great for all surfaces. 

While these shoes are bulkier than any of those on this list, they are actually light on the foot.

In the Propulse Blast All Court shoe, Babolat has used its dynamic response system, which provides extra support while moving. 

Babolat Propulse Blast All Court tennis shoes wrap your foot and ankle in a well-cushioned pillow!

Vionic Classic Walker

Vionic Classic Walker

In our testing, we found this classic walker to be a sturdy, budget-friendly option for walkers with flat feet. This shoe uses a podiatrist-designed orthotic, a flexible outsole, and a breathable upper to support the foot. The thermoplastic heel counter provides structure for this shoe, while the outsoles provide good traction to prevent slipping.

It’s nice that these shoes come with orthotic inserts that mold to your feet. In any other shoe we tested, we did not see this feature. It will take some time for the insoles to become perfectly adapted to your stride. Buying these shoes in a larger size is recommended since they run small. 

Because of their heavier weight and stiff leather upper, these weren’t the most comfortable walking shoes we tested, but we love their affordable price and stellar support.

What to Look for in Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet


Flat feet should look for a tennis shoe with stability as one of its most important features. “Stability shoes provide support and stability to the midfoot. Flat-footed individuals, whom Dr. Lobkova describes as pronators, should wear these shoes during the normal walking cycle. The midpoint of shoes with great stability should be difficult to bend. They should be more rigid than neutral shoes.

Toe Box

Tennis shoes with wide-toe boxes are especially beneficial for people with flat feet. The toe box of a shoe should have a wide opening to prevent nerve compression (i.e. neuroma symptoms) in the forefoot. 


Tennis shoes cushion your joints by providing padding underneath your foot. Dr. Lobkova says flat-footed people don’t need a high level of cushioning, but cushioning adds comfort and can be beneficial if there is any pain in the ball of the foot. When it comes to people with flat feet, I often recommend shoes with light to medium cushioning or reactive features.”


The traction of a shoe is its ability to resist sliding when it is being pulled. During lateral movement, adequate traction on the outsole helps maintain muscle control, which promotes joint stability, says Dr. Lobkova. Consequently, flat feet can benefit from more traction on their shoes.

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Are minimalist shoes good for flat feet?

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

While protecting the foot from ground debris, minimalist shoes mimic barefoot walking and running as much as possible. The degree of minimalism in shoes varies.

A barefoot shoe consists of a thin sole, no arch support, no cushioning, and minimal cushioning.

In between barefoot shoes and traditional shoes, minimalist shoes offer a bit more support. Insoles can be helpful if you have flat feet.
Support and stability are required in the midfoot and heel of people with flat feet. It is important to note that a minimalist shoe is flexible and bends easily, as opposed to a shoe with stability.

As a result, Dr. Lobkova recommends avoiding lightweight shoes and shoes with flexible soles for people with flat feet.

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How We Tested the Best Cheap Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Our selection of top rated tennis shoes was based on research on flat feet and an interview with Nelya Lobkova, DPM, ABPM Certified Surgical Podiatrist. A specific brand and shoe model was recommended by Dr. Lobkova that would benefit flat feet.

A total of 50+ shoes were tested, both men’s and women’s. Flat-footed individuals were among our testers. Other common foot problems include plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Over 285 hours of testing were conducted on each pair of shoes, combining walking and standing. A few test walks were conducted on trails, but most were done on sidewalks and roads.

Based on our month-long testing, we analyzed each shoe’s cushioning, responsiveness, comfort, fit, stability, blister protection, and value. The final list of recommended shoes only includes shoes with high overall ratings. As new insights become available, we will update our list of recommended tennis shoes.

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How do you fix flat feet?

Surgical intervention is the only way to permanently correct flat feet because they are characterized by a particular bone structure. It is important to note, however, that most cases of flat feet do not require surgical correction because they are asymptomatic.
Flat feet can cause a variety of symptoms, including painful arch pain and protruding bumps on the inside of the foot, according to Dr. Lobkova.

What causes flat feet?

The cause of flat feet is usually genetic, according to Dr. Lobkova. Your foot’s bone structure and alignment are passed down from your parents. Injuries, pregnancy, obesity, and aging are some of the other causes, she adds.

What are the symptoms of flat feet?

It is likely that you will have little to no arch in your feet if you have flat feet. The arch of your feet may appear to be arched, but when you walk or stand, it flattens out.
“Step into baby powder and walk across dark construction paper to determine if you have flat feet,” says Dr. Lobkova. An arch with a thin outline will suggest a high arch, whereas a flat foot will have a wider footprint.”


It is not necessary to be painful or risky to play tennis with flat feet. Tennis shoes with the right fit can make the game comfortable and injury-free for individuals with flat feet. Make sure you choose a shoe that supports your arch, has cushioning, is stable, and is durable.

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