Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players [Reviews in 2024]

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

This guide will help you determine the best tennis racquets for intermediate players for your game style, and give you reviews of the best racquets for intermediate players.

Our expert reviews are trusted by best tennis players worldwide every month because we have decades of experience playing and coaching the game, as well as a certified master racquet technician.

As part of our research, we’ve tested and analyzed intermediate tennis racquets from all the top brands, analyzing each racquet for its specs, power, spin, and other features.

Our top picks are listed below, along with a brief summary of all you need to know about intermediate racquets.

  • For intermediate players, the head size of the racquet is slightly larger and the weight is less than for advanced players. The most ideal racquet size and weight should be between 100 and 105 square inches.
  • It is typically 27 inches wide and the length of intermediate racquets is the same as that of advanced racquets.
  • Intermediate players should select racquets that suit their game style. Select a racquet that helps you control, for example.

13 Best Intermediate Tennis Racquets Reviews

Following, we’ll review the specific characteristics of each racquet, highlighting what makes each one a good choice for a specific type of intermediate tennis player.

We have included a comparative price on a scale of 1 to 3 dollar signs at the bottom of each review, as well as our recommended USTA Rating for each racquet. A certain type of racquet is good for players of all levels.

Wilson Clash 100

Wilson Clash 100 v2

The racquets made by Wilson are among the best in the industry. Tennis racquets from their Clash series have become some of the highest-selling intermediate-level models on the market since the series was introduced in 2019.

Wilson tennis racquets of the past were not equipped with this new technology. With this Best Overall Intermediate Racquet, you will experience new levels of feel, control, and mobility. The ball can be controlled and moved around quickly by single players. With groundstrokes, you’ll find your comfort level is as good as it gets. With a great feel for volleys, it’s easy to maneuver for doubles players.

It’s lightweight and easy to swing at only 11 ounces. Groundstrokes will have more topspin when you place 16-19 strings between them. This racquet has an unrivaled sweet spot, control, and comfort on a 100-inch frame.

Although it’s not the strongest racquet in terms of power, it’s the best choice for adults who are able to generate their own energy.

Head Extreme MP

Head Extreme MP 2022

Among intermediate players, the Extreme has been a popular racquet for the past decade. Matteo Berrettini endorses the Head Extreme, making it an excellent power and spin tool.

For intermediate players, the 100-square-inch frame is perfect. Its wide frame provides extra power, and its open string pattern allows it to spin more.

A big ground stroke from the baseline is easy with this Best Intermediate Racquet for Power. It weighs 11.2 ounces strung, which is an ideal weight for intermediate players. It allows you to maneuver it easily at the net for quick volleys and swing it with ease.

In addition, it lacks some stability and control for higher-level players, especially at the net. The racquet will, however, be perfect for intermediate players.

Prince Phantom 100x

Prince Phantom 100X 305

With the Prince Phantom 100x, you can find a racket that does everything around 290 grams in weight. 

There is nothing better than the silky feel of the Phantom range, and it’s hard to beat.

However, this racket has a lot more good qualities than just that, so you’re sure to like it. 

This is a great all-around racket in this weight range.

Head Radical MP

Head Radical MP 2024

There’s nothing quite like this racket for anyone looking for power, control, and spin all in one.

The Radical MP can be used however you choose, but it comes with everything you need to play some good tennis. 

As well as being easy to maneuver, it also has the kind of performance levels you need in the present. 

Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive 2021

As one of the most powerful rackets, you’ll probably see this racket a lot on lists.

With so much to offer, it’s easy to understand why the Babolat Pure Drive never goes out of style. 

In addition to being easy to maneuver, it also offers a lot of power and spin, and many players are looking for all three.

It’s always a tradeoff in tennis, and to get the power you sacrifice a little in feel and control, but if you’re looking for that, then this racket is fantastic. 

You will get a big power boost with this racket, which is one of the best intermediate rackets.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

For stronger players who can create their own power, Prince Textreme Tour 100P is the Best Intermediate Racquet for Control. All Prince tennis racquets are control-oriented.

Featuring 100 sq. Its inch head size provides generous sweet spots for all skill levels. Combined with the frame design, Prince’s advanced technology makes this racquet powerful.

Yet its feel and control make it a great racquet. It allows players to control the tennis ball with precision even on big groundstrokes due to the tight string pattern.

Despite its 11.4-ounce weight, it isn’t too hard to handle. This racquet is ideal for adults who want maximum control with a comfortable feel.

Yonex Ezone 100

Yonex Ezone 100

In recent years, Yonex tennis racquets have gained popularity among professional players. It is a well-balanced racquet used by a number of professional women’s tennis players.

This 100 square-inch frame is perfect for controlling shots from the baseline with spin thanks to its 16×19 string pattern. There is something unique about Yonex tennis racquets that makes them more comfortable than most other racquets. In addition, the width and weight of the frame provide extra power for players who are just above beginners.

Suitable for intermediates and advanced players who need extra spin and power. The racquet is not ideal for beginners or serve and volley players due to the inconsistency of making contact with the center.

Prince Textreme Beast 100

Prince Textreme Beast 100

It is hard to overlook the attraction of a racket with a name like the Beast.

Its awesome name isn’t the only thing the Beast 100 is known for. It can also spin and power just as well. 

A very popular racket with intermediate players, it has a good touch for its power. 

Players who crave a bit more control will probably not enjoy this stick, but for players seeking immediate power, this might be worth checking out. 

Yonex VCore 98

Yonex VCORE 98 2024

The VCore 98 offers speed and maneuverability in abundance.

Definitely a great stick for whipping up the ball’s back and spinning it around.

With Yonex VCore 98, you are able to develop your spin, one of the most important aspects of improving your game. 

Babolat Pure Strike

Babolat Pure Strike 16×19

In any list of the best rackets for advanced players, this racket would certainly be on the list.

In spite of its versatility, it emphasizes control, allowing you to swing hard at the ball while knowing that you can tame it into the court. 

You should list this racket as one of the best tennis rackets for intermediate players because you can control the ball just the way you want. 

With a weight of 305 grams, this racket is fast, easy to swing, yet very manageable. 

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v8 (Unstrung)

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v8

There are many similarities between the Blade and the Pure Strike.

Suitable for intermediate and advanced players alike, it is a great all-round racket. This racket plays well and has a wonderful feel and control. 

The racket might be worth a look if you’re looking for control. 

Head Boom MP

Head Boom MP

These are the best intermediate rackets for players who are seeking power and ease of use. Coco Gauff’s version of this racquet.

It has a sweet spot of 100 square inches. This tennis racquet offers excellent ball feedback from the baseline and at the net because of its swing weight of 318. For singles players, however, it excels for grinding deep on the court. This racquet’s control and versatility will make it easier for you to attack the lines than most other racquets this size.

The racquet lacks some stability, making it a poor choice for advanced doubles players. However, it’s a great choice for most skill levels. We have a few reviews of other Head tennis racquets if you like the brand.

Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero

On the market, Rafael Nadal uses the Babolat Pure Aero, which is one of the best spin racquets. This racquet is ideal for players with fast swings and a lot of topspin off the baseline.

There is a bigger hitting area of 100 square inches in this frame, plus aerodynamic technology. The faster your racquet head, the more spin you will generate. You can also use low-string tension for serving to create tons of power.

It’s a great option for intermediate players wishing to improve their ability to control their shots and the point with topspin. Here are more Babolat tennis racquet reviews if you want more power. A player wanting more control or fast-paced doubles won’t enjoy this racquet. You can even swing this racquet more easily if you choose the Pure Aero Lite.

How to Choose Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Getting the ball back across the court was important with your beginner racket, so choose something that was easy to learn and use.

It’s important to get something with a bit more performance for your intermediate racket to try out the strokes you’ve already mastered.

The racket you choose should remain playable, so you need to be able to improve your stroke with it.

Finding the best tennis racket for intermediate players really comes down to finding a balance between playability and performance.

There are different types of rackets that match different standards of play, styles of play, ages, and fitness levels, so find the one that suits you best.

You can find the best intermediate tennis racket by scrolling down and finding the category that best fits your needs: power, spin, control, or all-around.

Power vs Control

With every new racket, this is an important point to consider. The racket should provide an element of control so that you can hit with power.

Your strokes become better as you develop power, and you want to unleash all that power by using a racket with great control.

If a racket is powerful, you may be drawn to it, but it may not be best for you.

A racket’s balance determines what’s the best racket for intermediate players, not its power, spin, control, or anything else.

The racket you choose should be one that will maximize your power generation potential.

Racket Weight

When choosing a new racket, you need to consider weight first.

You’ll find a heavier racket to be more powerful, spinny, and controlled as your swing improves as you use lighter rackets.

Most intermediate players will fall somewhere between 285g and 305g depending on their strength, stamina, and ability.

This category has a lot of great rackets that combine outstanding performance with modern comfort.

In addition, you should consider that you’re only going to improve (hopefully), so you need rackets with high performance.

Racket Head Size

For beginners, the racket should be easy to swing, comfortable, and powerful, so a large head size is ideal.

You can use a smaller head size as you gain confidence in your swing, and begin looking at intermediate tennis rackets under 50.

Control and precision are the benefits.

There are many more possibilities due to the smaller head size.

98 sq in and 100 sq in are the most common dimensions for rackets in this category, but 104 sq in rackets are also nice options.

As you improve your game, the advantages of the really big heads tend to diminish. It is, of course, up to you to decide what you feel is best for you.

It’s probably worth starting with a 100-square-inch head size and seeing how it goes.

Racket Balance

You probably don’t need to spend much time thinking about the balance of your racket, since it is somewhat technical.

It is generally easier to maneuver a racket with more headlight, but all rackets are designed to provide good maneuverability and performance.

The balance only plays a small role in finding the right racket.

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What Type of Swing do You Have?

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Tennis racquets under 105 square inches may be a better choice if you develop a faster, longer swing. In general, a faster swing requires less power, so a racquet with more control will suit you better.

ATS Textreme 100P and Wilson Clash 100 are the best control racquets.

Tennis racquets with power may be suitable for players with short or slower swings. For this, you might want to consider racquets measuring 100-110 square inches. Racquets with thicker frames produce more power, so choose those with bigger frames.

Head Extreme MP and Yonex Ezone 100 are the best intermediate rackets for power above.

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Do You Need Help With Power or Control?

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

By the time you reach an intermediate level, your shots are becoming more accurate. Additionally, your swing has consistently generated power to get the ball deep into the court over the net. A good racquet will also weigh and be large enough for you.

The power of a racquet will be greater if it has a large frame and a large surface area. There will be more control with smaller frames.

It is recommended that most physically fit adults with intermediate skill levels choose a racquet with a 98- to 104-square-inch surface and a weight of 11 to 11.5 ounces. As you develop your swing, you will have a good balance of power and control.

In addition to tennis elbow, a heavy racquet can cause other injuries to smaller women and teens. Choosing a racquet with a larger head (over 105 square inches) and lower weight (under 10.5 ounces) is a good choice here. This is best accomplished with the Head Boom MP below.

Tennis racquets can also be customized if you want them to have a little more power, control, or maneuverability.

Do You Play Singles, Doubles, or Both?

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

If you play singles or doubles, some racquets are better than others.

The racquet you choose should have less mobility, a bigger sweet spot, and more power for players who prefer the baseline.

This year, I used Head’s Extreme 2023 tennis racket. During groundstrokes and serves, it provides great power and spin. Intermediate players will also find it very easy to swing and maneuver.

It is very important for doubles players, especially those who like to reach the net, that their racquet has a high level of versatility. You will have to react faster as you play more competitively, so a heavy racquet will slow you down.

Among the best tennis rackets for doubles? It would be those that are under 104 sq. Their size makes them easier to maneuver and handle. You can also control and place your volleys with the help of them.

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How Often Do You Play Tennis? Do You Want to Become an Advanced Player?

Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Your racquet needs to be suited to your playing style. In order to improve to a higher level of skill, you’ll need racquets that allow you to play in leagues and tournaments.

You can achieve this by choosing any of the options below except the Prince racquet. A tennis ball machine may also be of interest to you since it can save you the cost of lessons.

In order to get better on-court tennis gear, you should read more tennis gear reviews to find out the right tennis strings, tennis bags, and tennis shoes. 

In contrast, you can invest a smaller budget into a racquet if you just want to hit for fun and stay in shape.

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Which racket is best for intermediate tennis players?

Tennis rackets for intermediate players are not all the same. The key is to understand your game and match the racket’s characteristics to your playing style. There are a lot of great rackets out there, but it depends on how they feel when you use them.

How can you find the right intermediate tennis racket for you? 

Feel how a racket feels in your hand when choosing an intermediate racket. It is extremely important to balance and weigh your equipment correctly, because if you don’t, you may suffer an injury. Your next step should be to see what style of game you play, do you like power, spin, control, or something else? Choose a racket that matches these characteristics.

Is Babolat Pure Aero a good racket for intermediates?

Intermediate tennis players may find the Babolat Pure Aero an excellent option. You can spin easily with this lightweight device, and it is manageable in weight. In order to improve one’s topspin game, intermediate players can use this as a great resource.

How do I Choose a racket?

It’s best to demo rackets before purchasing them. The best way to know if you will get along with a racket is to hit some balls with it. Try before you buy by reading our helpful reviews first!


In terms of racquet selection, intermediate tennis players have literally hundreds of options. It is important to choose a racquet that fits your playing style and goals.

In our opinion, the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racquet is the best tennis racquet for intermediate players.

You won’t have to switch racquets as your game improves since the Clash 100 works great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. With Wilsons Players Racquet, you get the best control, comfort, and feel. Singles racquets with this racquet combine feel and spin with mobility.

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