The Best Women’s Tennis Rackets for 2024

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

In recent years, there has been a boom in the number of talented female tennis players who capture the media’s attention, compete fiercely, and deliver incredibly entertaining and highly competitive matches.

The sport continues to grow with new players discovering the game every day, led by legends like Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and Iga Swiatek.

This world is open to you, too. Discover the best tennis racquets if you’re new to tennis and wondering what racquet you should buy. The best options for ladies in 2023 will also benefit intermediate and seasoned players.

Below you’ll find my picks for the best women’s tennis racquets. The following sections will discuss how to choose which racquet is right for you, why each racquet was selected, and how to get started on the right foot with a good racquet.

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets in 2024

From trusted tennis racket brands, our list includes women’s tennis rackets for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. There is a great deal of power, excellent topspin, and impressive control in these models.

Babolat Pure Drive 2021

Babolat Pure Drive 2021

There are many pros on the women’s and men’s competitive tennis tours who use the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket. Its high level of playability, control, and performance makes it one of the best tennis rackets. 

A variety of game styles can be achieved with this racket, including more aggressive baseline play. There is a great balance of power and control, and it delivers a lot of spin as well.

Tennis rackets like this are lightweight. Therefore, most women players find Babolat Pure Drive to be one of the best budget women’s tennis rackets they have ever used. You can transform this racket into your weapon while on the court if you have the skills and strength to handle it.

Head Ti S6

Head Ti S6

It was a natural choice to rank the Head Titanium S.6 as the best tennis racket for female beginners due to the playability, the good margin of error, and other great features this racket offers. 

Beginners have been very fond of this for years. This titanium tennis racket from Head is extremely lightweight and durable. Due to the racket’s large head size, sweet spots are easily accessible and ball control is improved. There is also a generous amount of spin this racket is capable of producing. 

For intermediate players who want to master precision, the Head Ti S6 is a great racket.

Yonex EZONE 98

Yonex EZONE 98

Tennis rackets at an affordable price without compromising quality can be found at Yonex EZONE 98. With this tennis racket for women, you will be able to achieve great results on the court. Easily maneuverable, well-balanced, and offers great angle shots.

It’s much easier and more fun to manage the groundstroke slice with Yonex EZONE 98 in the baseline. This allows a quick change of position at the net, which is helpful in responding to volleys. 

It sometimes felt like this Yonex tennis racket might need some stability, but that’s about it. The racket is priced very reasonably and is one of the best cheap women’s tennis rackets on the market. 

Babolat Boost Drive

Babolat Boost Drive

There is no doubt that the Babolat Boost Drive is the best racket for petite females. The product is very lightweight, flexible, and is reasonably priced. It’s a great choice for new tennis players looking to develop and master their skills. This racket is beginner-friendly. 

There is plenty of space for sweetspots and a higher margin of error with the Babolat Boost Drive racket. Pushing and maneuvering it is too easy. Playability is good, it generates a great deal of spin, and it is precise. 

Besides being suitable for teenagers, this tennis racket is also suitable for children over ten years old since it does not require a lot of physical strength.

Wilson Ultra 100

Wilson Ultra

Wilson Ultra 100 is one of the best rackets available for high school girls based on its features and advantages. This is a very well-balanced program that is perfect for players who want to develop their confidence and skills on the court. 

Women can enjoy an excellent amount of spin and power while maintaining good arm comfort with this Wilson racket. There is a great deal of control and this racket feels light and lively. With equal measures of power, control, and spin, it is appropriate for players of all skill levels, from beginners to intermediates to advanced players. 

The playability and performance of this tennis racket will appeal to high school girls still figuring out their game style and developing their skills. This women’s racket is perfect for those considering a career in professional tennis.

Babolat Pure Strike 100

Babolat Pure Strike 100

The Babolat brand once again delivers great tennis rackets for women. There is no better racket for intermediate players than Pure Strike 100. There is a lot of flexibility and adaptability on the court with this product. When you play in defense mode, hit groundstrokes on the baseline, serve, or return volleys, it has a nice feel and high level of control. 

There is a very good amount of spin on the Babolat Pure Strike 100 tennis racket, along with a good level of performance and playability. In some instances, it might feel like it lacks stability, but overall it feels light and lively. 

It was very powerful and fast to play with the Babolat Pure Strike 100 Team racket. With this racket, I was able to generate a great deal of spin and power. In addition to the large 100 square inches head size, the 16×19 string pattern gave me great control over my shots.

Babolat Pure Aero

Babolat Pure Aero

Women who are aggressive baseliners will love this tennis racket. There is a great combination of spin and power in Babolat Pure Aero rackets. In terms of performance, it delivers everything it promises. 

I also found this racket to be extremely comfortable to hold, which I found to be an added benefit. When hitting baseline groundstrokes with the right hand, the Babolat Pure Aero can become a weapon.

You might have to get used to it for a while, but once you do, you won’t want to switch rackets again. Players with intermediate to advanced skills may find this tennis racket more suitable. 

Head Gravity Pro

Head Gravity Pro

With its excellent performance, the Head Gravity Pro could easily be ranked as the best women’s tennis racket. Despite its stability and control, it is comfortable at the same time. 

An aggressive approach is appropriate for baseline players. With its high level of spin, speed, flexibility, and responsiveness, it generates an incredible amount of spin. New technology has been used to enhance the performance and playability of this tennis racket brand. 

Head Gravity Pro tennis rackets are designed for advanced players or intermediate players. You might want to opt for another racket if you just started on the court, otherwise you might lose balance.

Babolat Pure Strike Lite

Babolat Pure Strike Lite

With a lighter weight, this racket differs from Babolat Pure Strike 100. If you prefer light rackets or are transitioning from junior to adult frames, this is the racket for you. 

A new technology is used in the manufacture of Babolat Pure Strike Lite rackets in order to ensure maximum control and stabilization. It generates a lot of speed and spin and has a good response. You will love this racket if you are more of an aggressive baseliner.

For players who are just getting started or looking for an inexpensive racket, this is a great choice since it lacks some of the feel and precision of more expensive rackets.

Wilson Clash 100 v2

Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash 100 v2 has been heard at least once, unless you have been living under a rock. As soon as it launched in early 2022, it made quite a stir, and it hasn’t let up since then. 

A great performance, great playability, and flexibility are all hallmarks of the Wilson Clash 100 v2. In my opinion, it is one of the best tennis rackets for women. With a lot of power, spin, and responsiveness, it is a great weapon. The racket works well in all court areas. 

The arm feels very comfortable when wearing it. There is only one possible disadvantage: this racket is not suitable for beginners due to the level of skill required.

What to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Tennis Racket

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

The best women’s tennis rackets must take a number of factors into account. Your game can be greatly improved with the right racket, so finding the right one is important. 

Grip Size

When choosing a tennis racket, you should keep a few things in mind. Grip size is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider. Getting the right fit between your hand size and the racket’s handle is all about finding the right balance.

There are five sizes of tennis racket grips, based on their circumference. You may not know what grip works best for you if you are unsure.

 If you want more grip, you can get more grip at a small cost by choosing a smaller size.

Tennis racket grips should be chosen to enhance comfort and prevent injury during your time on the court. Beginners should experiment with different grips and go with what feels comfortable. 

Since grip size is often a matter of personal preference, there is no definitive answer as to which is the best.

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Making a choice for women’s tennis rackets also requires deciding how much you are willing to spend. Tennis rackets are available in a wide range of prices, so all players’ budgets can be met. 

The best advice I can give you is to consider your goals and skills before buying a tennis racket. Beginners and those who want to try playing tennis should consider a cheap option. You can upgrade once you’ve tested the waters. 

Investing in a great racket, however, can help you improve your skills on the field and improve your ranking over time.

Playing Style

You know your game style if you have been playing in the court for a while and have at least intermediate skills. There are three main categories of tennis players

  • All court: Having a comfortable pace and rhythm on every court area without feeling out of place or out of your element.
  • Aggressive baseliner: prefers groundstrokes shots and generates a lot of topspin from the baseline.
  • Net rusher: tries to close points out by hitting volleys and stays close to the net.

You should choose a tennis racket that fits your needs according to the category you fall into. In addition to enhancing your skills and talents on the court, your racket may also determine what kind of player you are or what style of play you prefer. 

There is no rush to discover your style if you are still a beginner. The more you play, the better you’ll get, and eventually, you’ll find your style of play. 

Long Goals

In order to make an objective decision, you should be honest with yourself when identifying your long-term goals. It’s okay for everyone not to become a professional tennis player. You can still stay fit and have fun while playing tennis. 

If you want to select the best racket for women, you should consider your long-term tennis goals. Beginners should choose a racket that is simple and easy to grip if they are just learning the basics. 

A The best cheap women’s tennis rackets will meet your needs, and there are so many excellent options out there. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money if you just want to have fun with your friends and try tennis out.

It’s better to start simple and cheaper if you are planning on becoming a professional. This method will work just fine for achieving your training goals, elevating your skills, and saving you money at the same time.

While you are still learning how to play tennis, you shouldn’t spend a lot on an expensive racket. You will not be able to utilize its features and quality as time progresses. 

Professionals and advanced players should choose a racket that meets their skills and requirements best and adjust it accordingly. Choose according to your level and skills at any point in your tennis journey! For a fun court experience and an opportunity to improve your game, be realistic.

Body Size

You should consider your body size before buying the best women’s tennis racket. It’s your body size, you read that right. The importance of this is often overlooked, but it makes perfect sense. Women’s bodies are composed differently, which affects how rackets respond during play.

It will significantly impact your performance and results if you consider the racket as an extension of your arm. It’s best to use a tennis racket with a wide frame if, by chance, you don’t have a strong natural physique. Rackets of this type produce more power than other types, so you do not have to exert your own strength. 

Since your body produces power, choose a racket with a narrow frame to prevent overshooting. Instead of trying to compensate for what you don’t have, spend your energy doing what you are good at. 

The height of the person is also important to consider. If you are tall, you will have longer and more powerful shots, which makes narrow frame rackets your best choice. 

To increase the power of your shots, choose a wider frame tennis racket if you are shorter. The rackets will last longer if you do so, and you’ll improve your abilities on the court. 

Does Your Racquet Choice Matter?

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

Yes, of course. The racquet that a player uses plays a vital role in helping them achieve their full potential on the court.

There is, however, one caveat. The racquet you choose is less important to your performance as a beginner since you’ll gain most of your success and progress by learning proper technique.

The right tennis racquet can do wonders for your game by enhancing and maximizing your performance, not by making you a better player by default.

When evaluating racquets, keep in mind that every racquet is designed with a certain purpose, level, or style of play in mind. The performance characteristics of a racquet can be enhanced in a variety of ways, such as through power, control, topspin, or comfort.

The first racquet you choose should be suitable for your level of play, but you shouldn’t feel compelled to spend hundreds of dollars.

The cost of a racquet doesn’t have to exceed $40 to get started. In many cases, that’s the best approach to take.

Choosing tennis as your sport of choice will save you money if it’s not for you. Meanwhile, if you discover you can’t get enough tennis, you can upgrade to a high-end racquet and you’ll be eager to spend the extra money.

Which Style of Play Do You Have?

In the course of developing your skills, you will fall into one of three basic styles of play. The category you fall under depends on whether you’re an intermediate or advanced player:

  • Aggressive Baseliner: You love to hit with a lot of topspin from the baseline.
  • All Court: Playing from all areas of the court is comfortable for you.
  • Net Rusher: Your favorite part of tennis is hitting volleys to close out points.

Although certain types of racquets are better suited to these styles of play, any racquet can be used for either. Considering your style is not necessary if you are a beginner. An instructor will help you develop it over time.

The racquet doesn’t dictate your style, even if you want to emulate a certain style. If you want to do that, you can use any racquet. The purpose of a racquet is to enhance the execution skills of a player, not to supplement them.

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Tennis Racquets Types

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

Reviewing the three types of tennis racquets: power, control, and tweener can help you decide what is right for you.

Knowing what to look for when buying a new racquet can help you narrow down your choices.

Control racquets

Designed for experienced intermediate and advanced players, these racquets offer maximum control.

  • Smaller Head Size: Players have more control when their heads are smaller.
  • Heavier Weight: The heavier the racquet, the more power it will have, but the player must have the strength and skill to handle it. The smaller heads of control racquets reduce power, so they are heavier to compensate. It is typical for control racquets to weigh 10.5 ounces or more.
  • Flexible Frame: Usually rated at 65 or below, a flexible frame will increase control and absorb energy during a swing.
  • Closed String Pattern: Strings with a smaller gap between them result in a firmer stringbed, which further reduces trampoline effects and spin potential.

Helpful Tip: Trying out a few racquets of different weights is the best way for a player to figure out what works for them when it comes to weight. Swinging your racquet for 30-60 minutes should not cause you to feel too heavy or hurt your wrist or arm.

Power racquets

This type of racquet emphasizes power when hitting and tends to have the following ideal attributes for beginners.

  • Large Head Size: The head of a racquet is where the strings are attached. Having a larger head size allows you to make more mistakes and also increases your power potential.
  • Lightweight: Power racquets typically weigh between 8 and 10.5 ounces, making them easier to handle than control racquets.
  • Stiff Frame: Racquet stiffness ratings typically range from 55 to 75, with lower numbers indicating a more flexible racquet and higher numbers indicating a stiffer racquet. The stiffer the frame, the more energy is deflected and the more power you have. It is possible, however, that rigid frames can transfer more shock and vibration to a player’s arm, causing discomfort over time for some players.
  • Open String Pattern: String pattern with fewer strings and more space between them allows the ball to sink into the bed deeper and return more energy to it when it is struck. In addition, it contributes to topspin generation.

Tweener racquets

A tweener racquet is in the middle between a power racquet and a control racquet. Among their features are:

  • Head of medium size
  • Flexibility in the mid-range
  • A pattern made up of open strings
  • Weight in the mid-range, usually around 10-11 ounces

The tweener racquet is ideal for players who want both power and control without putting too much emphasis on one or the other. There is a wide range of players who can benefit from these racquets. There’s something for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

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Grip Size Considerations

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

Tennis racquets can also be ordered in a variety of grip sizes based on the circumference of the handle. Tennis racquets for adults come in a variety of grip sizes, so be sure to measure for the correct size when you find a racquet you like.

Tennis can be played comfortably and without injury with the right size grip. If you feel comfortable with a smaller or larger grip, it’s okay to make that choice.

Most racquets come with the following grip sizes:

14 1/8105
24 1/4108
34 3/8111
44 1/2114
54 5/8118
64 3/4121

You can find the right grip size by checking out my grip size guide.

Strings for Your Racquet

Tennis racquet strings fall into two broad categories:

  • The gut’s natural state
  • The synthetic

In 1875, string manufacturers began using cow intestine to make natural gut tennis strings, which are highly resilient and durable. The biggest disadvantage of these devices is their price.

 The result is that advanced players who are sensitive to the performance of their strings are more likely to use them.

Then again, they can be a good option if you’re willing to spend money and don’t have any issues with the raw materials used – especially if comfort is important to you.

There are a variety of synthetic strings available these days, to suit every taste. Synthetic strings are grouped into three categories for tennis players:

  • Gut synthesized
  • Several-filament
  • Polyethylene

Check out my comprehensive guide to racquet strings for more information, including a detailed look at all the types of strings and some of my favorite picks.

You will also have to decide what gauge or thickness you want when buying tennis strings. When it comes to strings, thinner strings feel better and spin better, while thicker strings are more durable.

Helpful Tip: Several inexpensive tennis racquets come pre-strung.

 Make sure you check if the strings are pre-strung before purchasing online.

What’s the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Tennis Racquets?

Best Women’s Tennis Rackets

The difference between a men’s and a women’s tennis racquet may seem confusing to someone who is new to the game.

There are virtually no unisex racquets on the market. There may, however, be differences in the characteristics that women and men prefer in a racquet.

Women tend to choose lighter frames and smaller grip sizes, but that’s not always the case. This results in men and women often using the same racquet.

Among the notable exceptions, there is one. T-Rebound is Tecnifibre’s tennis racquet designed specifically for women, exclusively for Tecnifibre. Here are my top picks for this racquet.


What is the best women’s tennis racket?

Babolat Pure Drive is the best women’s tennis racket for women. In the field, it delivers on all the promises of power and control, because of its great design, flexibility, and durability. This racket is used by so many famous players during their matches, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

What size tennis racket should a woman use?

Height and weight determine the size of the tennis racket. In order to gain more power and forgiveness, it is recommended that female beginners start with a racket that has an oversize head. You can increase your control by switching to a smaller or mid-size frame once you become more advanced. 
Women beginners should use the Head TI S6 tennis racket. The racket is very forgiving and powerful, with an oversize design.

What weight should a women’s tennis racket be?

There is typically a weight range of 260 grams to 290 grams for a women’s tennis racket. The lighter your tennis racket, the easier it is to swing and the faster your shots will be.
Among the best lightweight women’s tennis rackets is Babolat Pure Strike Lite. This racket weighs 9.9 ounces (281 grams).

What kind of racket does Serena Williams use?

Wilson Blade 98 rackets are used by Serena Williams. Power and control are the main features of this mid-size racket. She is able to control and power this racket more than she would with an oversize racket.


There are many great options available on the market, but the Babolat Pure Drive is the best women’s tennis racket. There is a great design and structure to it. Field performance is powerful and controlled, and it delivers on all promises. This particular racket is used by many famous players during their matches, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Definitely among the top picks are the Wilson Clash 100 tennis racket and its new version, the Wilson Clash 100 v2. It is equipped with a powerful and flexible new technology. The best I’ve ever seen! Those last few years have been a great time for it, and it deserves all the hype. 

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