The Top 10 Angry Tennis Player Outbursts

Angry Tennis Player Outbursts

Tennis fans are accustomed to the professionals playing the game with a certain amount of calm and serenity.

Due to the high level of competition, this is common.

These players play virtually every match for prize money, ranking points, and career status.

Sometimes, watching professionals play with such intensity and focus can be unrelatable, which makes them lose their cool even more refreshing.

It’s rare to see players yell at each other, but when they do, it’s very entertaining!

It is certainly understandable that top players may vent their frustration on the court from time to time given how much pressure they are under.

It’s only human nature after all.

The top-ranked players in the world have come out with some outrageous Angry Tennis Player Outbursts over the years.

In spite of the fact that these aren’t moments to emulate, we still find them entertaining!

Here are some of the funniest tennis moments in history.

Top 10 Angry Tennis Player Outbursts

John McEnroe Wimbledon 1981

One of the most famous outbursts in sports history occurred during John McEnroe’s third-round match at Wimbledon in 1981.

Among the most iconic sporting catchphrases of all time, this moment transcended tennis.

Throughout his career, McEnroe was not afraid to take on umpires, line judges, and even opponents, but on this particular occasion, he really went for it.

There was no doubt that McEnroe’s serve was in (chalk was flying off the court surface), but the umpire ruled it out.

McEnroe responded with the famous phrase “You cannot be serious!”. There was a lot on the line! ”.

There was no back down from Johnny Mac at this point, as he saw red clearly.

McEnroe ranted on in the face of the umpire’s challenge. It’s just a shame it was all over a bad line call, this was the most iconic sporting moment of all time!

Grigor Dimitrov Istanbul 2016

Whether he’s in a positive or negative mood on the tennis court, Grigor Dimitrov shows no fear of expressing his emotions.

One of the most spectacular finishes we have seen in tennis was produced by the Bulgarian in the 2016 Istanbul Open final.

After smashing three rackets to pieces, Dimitrov was disqualified rather than producing an outrageous winner.

In the first two sets, he and his opponent Diego Schwartzman split the points but lost on a tiebreak in the third.

During the final set, Dimitrov committed a number of unforced errors and lost his grip on the match.

The third set ended with Schwartzman up 5-0 and Dimitrov on the brink of victory when two rackets were destroyed, knowing he would be disqualified for a final code violation.

That’s an odd way to leave a tournament!

Fernando Gonzalez Miami Open 2007

The hot-headed Fernando Gonzalez unleashed a furious attack on Radek Stepanek during their 2007 Miami Open match.

A very long time passed between Gonzalez serving and Stepanek getting ready, which is against the rule of ‘playing at the pace of the server.’

The situation had been clearly ongoing throughout the match (even though it was still in its early stages) and Gonzalez had had it with it.

An angry Chilean complained to the umpire before deciding to tackle the issue himself.

Stepanek only had a moment to react and sent a serve over the net after he bombed down a serve.

Fernando took advantage of the high ball by smashing it! Stepanek was struck on the backside by the ball he smashed at him!

As a result, Fernando was sent a clear message that he was no longer interested in being messed with!

Nick Kyrgios Cincinnati 2019

As one of the most outspoken and hotheaded tennis players on the tour, Nick Kyrgios took things to another level at the 2019 Cincinnati Open.

The tennis match was against Karen Khachanov, a fairly well-mannered player.

The chair umpire had a few altercations with Nick, which put him in a bad mood.

It was evident that he was mouthing off as the match progressed, shouting “This is the worst ref ever!”. That’s ever! Several times.

As a means of avoiding a code violation, he even took away two of his rackets and smashed them in the changing room.

I have never seen such a foul-mouthed, petulant outburst during a match, let alone one that lasted the entire time!

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Nick Kyrgios Rome 2019

Nick Kyrgios saw red again, this time at the 2019 Rome Masters, in an incident that seemed reasonably well-meaning at first.

A few spectators walked by and talked as the Aussie served.

His frustration was evident as a result of this distraction.

His racket was smashed and a chair was thrown across the court as he shouted expletives at the crowd!

Consequently, Nick defaulted from the match and shortly after went viral.

David Nalbandian Queens 2012

David Nalbandian expressed his frustration in an extremely unfortunate way after he was set up against Croatian Marin Cilic in the 2012 Queens final.

A forehand missed by the Argentine at the stretch led to a kick out at the boardings around a line judge’s seat.

It was horrifying to see the board fall and strike the line judge in the leg, causing him to sustain a nasty injury.

However, Nalbandian could only think of one thing after this incident. Immediately disqualified.

Novak Djokovic Shanghai 2015

Djokovic’s outrage over an umpire’s overrule of Jo-Wilfred Tsonga reached boiling point at the 2015 Shanghai Masters.

The umpire gave Djokovic the point when he did not make a play on a ball called out late in the second set.

The umpire claimed the call came after Novak would have hit his shot, but the line judge later changed the call. Djokovic claimed he clearly had the capability to hit the ball back if he felt like it.

After the slice backhand, Tsonga’s next shot was challenged and ended up being on the line.

The ball was clearly in Djokovic’s hands, so he had a clear chance to return it.

It was again Tsonga who was awarded the point by the umpire. Throughout the whole change of ends, Djokovic went on a rant!

Serena Williams US Open

One of the most shocking outbursts we’ve ever seen came from Serena Williams after her loss to Naomi Osaka in the 2018 US Open final.

She was given a code violation after the chair umpire claimed she received coaching from her player’s box.

Serena, however, strongly denied this and said she would never cheat. At the US Open, her outbursts are clearly bad luck!

Victor Troicki Wimbledon 2016

A serve Victor Troicki believed was clearly out was overruled by the umpire during the 2016 Wimbledon championships between him and Ramos-Vinolas.

It was Troicki’s best on-court outburst yet!

Taking the ball in his hand, he told the umpire that it must have been well wide because it had no chalk on it.

There was a ring of screams throughout the grounds as he screamed!

Novak Djokovic French Open 2018

In the final points of his French Open match against Marco Cecchinato, Novak Djokovic pleaded loudly for the Parisian crowd to remain quiet.

Just as Djokovic was about to strike a forehand approach shot, a spectator called out to him.

As he shanked the ball into the crowd, he screamed and waved his finger at the crowd, urging them to keep still.

We’ve never seen a press conference as abrupt as the one from Djokovic after he lost the match.

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Which Angry Tennis Player Outburst is Your Favorite?

The on-court outbursts of top tennis players entertain us as much as their professionalism!

In the past, we’ve seen some of the game’s most angry moments when high-profile players let their frustrations get the best of them.

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Why do tennis players sometimes get angry during matches?

Tennis requires intense focus and concentration due to its high level of competition. There may be times when players become frustrated with their performance, their opponents’ tactics, or external conditions like the weather. An emotional outburst can result from the pressure to succeed.

What are the most common triggers for tennis player outbursts?

There are a number of common triggers for a game, including unforced errors, disputable line calls, disturbances among the crowd, and disagreements with the umpire or opponent. Professional matches can also be emotionally draining due to personal frustration, fatigue, and high stakes.

Do tennis players receive penalties for outbursts?

Violations of the code of conduct can certainly result in penalties for players. As a result, a warning, point deduction, or even forfeiture may be imposed. The severity of penalties depends on the nature and frequency of the outburst.

How do tennis authorities address player outbursts?

In order to maintain sportsmanship at tennis events, many organizations, including the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Grand Slam organizers, enforce a code of conduct. Unsportsmanlike behavior can be penalized by umpires. Fines and suspensions may be imposed on repeat offenders.

Are there any famous instances of angry tennis player outbursts?

In the last few years, some incidents have caught the attention of the media, including John McEnroe’s famous “You can’t be serious!” outburst and Serena Williams’ heated argument with an umpire during the 2018 US Open final. Tennis history is replete with these memorable incidents.

How do players typically recover from an outburst during a match?

Emotions can be channeled constructively by successful players. After experiencing frustration, they may regroup and refocus on making a comeback. In order to succeed in sports, a player must have mental toughness and emotional control.


Competitive tennis is known for its intense nature, which often leads to angry outbursts from players. There are many things that can trigger such outbursts, including pressure to perform, contentious situations on the court, and personal frustrations.

It is natural for players to display emotion during games, but sportsmanship codes are strictly enforced by tennis authorities to prevent such displays.

In the highly competitive world of professional tennis, resilience, and mental strength are essential qualities for players to succeed. Players who are able to manage their emotions and recover from outbursts demonstrate these qualities.

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