Serena Williams Racket and String [Updated]

Serena Williams Racket and String

The one and only Serena Williams is synonymous with explosive groundstrokes, and shrieks accompanied by thunderous serves.

Her tennis equipment matches her enormous game and she is one of the most dominant players in the history of women’s tennis.

Serena’s racket and string will be discussed in this short article.

In addition to explaining why she might choose the equipment she does, we’ll also explain how you can put things into perspective for your game.

An Overview of Serena Williams Racket and String

Serena Williams Racket and String

The racket and string she chooses to play a pivotal role in Serena Williams’ path to success. Let’s explore the evolution of her racket and its impact on her gameplay as we explore her selected strings.

Importance of Choosing the Right Racket

There is no doubt that the racket plays a crucial role in determining how well a player plays tennis. It is a higher-stakes situation for Serena Williams. Discover the factors you should consider when choosing a racket to maximize your performance.

Serena’s Racket

This Wilson Blade SW 104 Autograph v7 is used by Serena Williams.

As her racket specifications haven’t been readily available, we don’t know her exact specifications. If you came to the site looking for this information, we apologize.

It looks like she is using something similar to this racket, despite the customization.

This Wilson Blade SW 104 Autograph v7 racket is highly powerful.

In her hands, it is a rocket launcher for tennis balls with 306g, 18 x 19 string pattern, 28-inch length (1 full inch longer than a normal tennis racket) that delivers the most severe of blows.

Serena’s String

The legend used Natural Gut (Wilson) once upon a time in an extremely high-tension setup, as almost all pros did at the time to control the material’s exaggerated elastic properties.

In her current regimen, Wilson Natural Gut is combined with a variety of supplements.

A gut string weighs around 65 pounds, and a Luxilon 4G string weighs around 64 pounds.

Co-polyester in the crosses tames the natural gut a bit, making for a more controlled volleying.

The smoother polyester string more readily snaps back against the gut main strings, giving her greater spin access than the all-gut setup.

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What Makes These Combinations Great For Her Game?

Serena Williams Racket and String

The tallest female tennis player in the world is Serena Williams, who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Serena certainly has a lot of competition – Cibulkova is only 5’3″, but she clearly prefers extended rackets to increase the power of her strokes.

A higher contact point gives her a little more power on the flat, first serve, where her serve is one of her most lethal weapons.

As a result of the racket’s oversized head, she can also smash the ball off her forehand and backhand wings with equal ease.

Rackets that are this powerful are hard to control, which can be a problem. So as she directs her fatal blows across the court, she strings her natural gut and polyester hybrid super tight…

Furthermore, she does not participate in many long rallies.

Generally, her points are short and sharp, requiring a racket with a strong power frame rather than an overly control-oriented racket that would be preferred by Novak Djokovic. This is his setup, which you can view here.

Take a look at your game

The Wilson Blade SW 104 Autograph v7 racket is the perfect choice if you love to emulate Serena’s powerful and dominating game.

The control afforded by a more muted racket and string setup, however, will appeal to many players who have a lot of natural power on their side.

To avoid making costly mistakes next tennis season, always test various setups before making a commitment.

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Why Serena Williams’ racket and string are so good

Serena Williams Racket and String

What makes Serena’s racket unique, and what are its advantages? Find out how your on-court performance can be increased by choosing her gear.

Insights from experts

Serena Williams’ racket and string choices have been recognized worldwide by tennis professionals. You can find out what they think about this combination of skills and their recommendations on how it can be enhanced.


There are many myths surrounding the choice of equipment in tennis. The reason Serena’s racket and string are so successful is explained, and common misconceptions are debunked.

Personal Preferences of Serena Williams

Discover Serena Williams’ personal preferences about rackets and strings through her interviews. Take advantage of the tennis icon’s insights directly.

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What racket does Serena Williams use?

Wilson rackets are often customized for Serena Williams according to how she plays.

How often should I restring my tennis racket?

The racket should be restrung every 20-30 hours of play or whenever you notice a decrease in performance.

What is the significance of string tension in a tennis racket?

Racket power, control, and feel are all affected by string tension. Individual preferences and playing styles determine the right tension.

Are there specific strings for different playing surfaces?

Strings should be chosen depending on the surface on which they will be played. The best strings for your playing conditions should be determined by a professional.

How can I choose the right racket for my skill level?

Several factors need to be taken into account, including playing style, skill level, and physical attributes. Choose a racket based on the type of game you play.


The winning formula of Serena Williams can help you elevate your tennis game. Get the most out of your game by making informed choices about racket evolution and stringing techniques.

It’s not just equipment that makes Serena Williams’ racket and string great; it’s the key to unlocking your greatness on the tennis court.

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