What does suspended mean in tennis? Tennis Terminology

The players and the fans both feel frustrated whenever a tennis match is stopped or paused. During periods of prolonged pauses in play, fans become anxious and impatient, whereas players lose rhythm and momentum, which can often shift when the game resumes.

In this article, we examine the meaning and significance of the term “suspended” in tennis, an expression that is often used with apprehension.

What Does Suspended Mean in Tennis Scoring?

What does suspended mean in tennis

Two consecutive points are required to win a game in tennis when the score reaches deuce. Suspended indicates a temporary pause in play or deadlock in the game. When a player is suspended, he or she must score two consecutive points, breaking the deuce, to win the game.

Rain spoiled Tim Henman’s chances in the Wimbledon semifinals in 2001, when he led Goran Ivanisevic (current coach of Novak Djokovic) 5-7, 7-6, 6-0. Ivanisevic eventually won the match after three days of play. The roof for Court 1 was installed in 2019 with Ivanisevic’s assistance.

Play was already suspended on the outside courts on the first day of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships. Due to SW19’s retractable roofs, the matches at the Centre Court and Court 1 can continue after a brief delay.

What happens when rain affects a match?

In order to prevent deterioration of the surface, the ground staff pulls down the net after it starts to rain. During periods of daylight, the match can be resumed if the rain stops. It is possible to modify and postpone the schedule in order to accommodate the matches that have already been delayed.

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What else could suspend a tennis match?

What does suspended mean in tennis

In addition to bad light, there may not be enough natural light for the players to continue a tennis match if the umpire decides to suspend it.

Similarly, if a match is postponed because of bad light, it will be played the next day, regardless of how long it takes.

The longest tennis match in history played at Wimbledon in 2010 is a perfect example of this particular factor. A match between John Isner of the United States and Nicolas Mahut of France lasted three days in the first round of the tournament that year. There was a lack of natural light in both cases, resulting in delays. An 11-hour and five-minute marathon ended with the American winning 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68.

As a result of new tennis rules and a joint agreement by all four Grand Slam tournaments earlier this year, the fifth set will no longer last forever. Four major tennis tournaments have agreed to a ten-point tie-break in the fifth set: the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

There will be a 10-point tiebreak if two players win six games each in the fifth set, and the player who reaches at least 10 points with a difference of two will win. At the recently concluded French Open, this rule was implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is “suspended” the same as “deuce” in tennis? 

In fact, “suspended” refers to a situation in which a player must win two consecutive points in order to win the game at “deuce.”

Can “suspended” occur in doubles tennis as well? 

When the score reaches deuce, the match can be suspended, both in singles and doubles.

What is the significance of “love-40” in tennis? 

“40 love” means that there is one point between the two players since one player has 40 while the other has no points (40 love).

Are there any other unique scoring terms in tennis? 

“Advantage,” “match point,” and “breakpoint” are all unique scoring terms in tennis, each with its own meaning.

Where can I watch professional tennis matches to see “suspended” in action? 

Streaming platforms, sports networks, and even live tournaments are the best places to watch professional tennis matches and witness “suspended” moments.


Throughout the dynamic world of tennis, the term “suspended” holds an important place in the scoring system. The game’s critical juncture represents a chance for players to demonstrate their skills and mental resilience. Tennis players can tilt the balance toward victory by breaking the “suspended” state.

Explore tennis further if you’re interested in learning more about its nuances and delving deeper into its world. In tennis, every point counts. Tennis is more than just a game of physical prowess.

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