What is a Tennis Bracelet & Why Is It Called That?

What is a Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet consists of a single row of diamonds, or other gemstones, set symmetrically. It is most common for them to be set in gold or platinum. Here’s how you can wear tennis bracelets with ease and learn the history behind them.

Why is it Called a Tennis Bracelet?

What is a Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet got its name after an incident during the 1987 US Open. During play, Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet, which flew off her wrist. With spectators in the arena and at home watching eagerly, officials halted the match while Evert searched for her lost bracelet.

How much is a tennis bracelet?

Several factors determine the price of a diamond tennis bracelet, the most important being the authenticity of the stones. Tennis bracelets made from cubic zirconia, or CZ, can be purchased for less than $100, while bracelets made from diamonds or gemstones can cost in the thousands.

In addition to carat weight, the size of the stones used in the bracelet will also influence the cost of a diamond tennis bracelet. Larger stones in a bracelet will cost more than smaller stones in a daintier bracelet. Tennis bracelet prices are also affected by the color, cut, and clarity of the stone.

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The Design of a Tennis Bracelet

The design of a tennis bracelet determines what it is. Diamonds and other gemstones are arranged in a single line along a tennis bracelet, all with the same colour, size, cut, and clarity. Stones are held together by metals, such as gold, silver, or platinum. Its glamorous appearance has made these bracelets popular for decades.

The tennis bracelets soon became known as tennis bracelets due to Evert’s wearing of these specific bracelets. Having seen Evert’s diamond jewellery fly from her wrist because the clasp broke, jewellers have since worked to design more secure clasps.

Diamond & Gold Tennis Bracelets: The Perfect Match

Gold and diamonds are the most common materials used to craft tennis bracelets. Jewellery made of gold and diamonds has a warm hue paired with a captivating sparkle. Tennis bracelets made with ethical diamonds share some key characteristics:

  • Diamond shape: Diamonds are shaped geometrically. Rounds and fancy are divided into two categories. They include round brilliants, princesses, and trues.
  • Diamond colour: The color of a diamond can range from colourless to lightly coloured. Tennis jewellery includes diamonds of the same colour.
  • Diamond clarity: The clarity of a diamond indicates whether it contains inclusions or blemishes.
  • Diamond size: Diamond size refers to how big it appears from above. Tennis bracelets must have the same size diamonds in each line.

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How to Style Tennis Jewellery

What is a Tennis Bracelet

You first need to understand what tennis bracelets are and then discover how to style them for maximum impact once you have fallen in love with their stunning design. The following tips will help you style your hair:

  • Stack for a personalised aesthetic: Bracelets can be stacked to display your individual style. It’s our favorite thing to pair our tennis bracelets with understated jewelry such as gold bangles and fine chain bracelets.
  • Wear solo: Wear your diamond tennis bracelet alone to make it the star of the show. Make sure your wrists are on display by matching your outfit to your bracelet.
  • Pair with a classic watch: Tennis jewelry goes well with refined watches to enhance your stylish aesthetic.

What is the best wrist for wearing a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets can be worn on any wrist, but many people prefer wearing them on their left wrist, especially if they have dominant right hands. As a result, this wrist is less likely to wear out due to its less frequent use. 

How To Open a Tennis Bracelet?

We offer tennis bracelets with secure clasps to prevent them falling off, but they are also easy to open if you want to take your jewellery off. Use your finger or thumb to move the lever on both sides of the clasp, then press the button on the lockbox.

How to wear a tennis bracelet

What is a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets offer unparalleled versatility in your jewelry wardrobe, whether you wear them dressed up or down. You can style this multifaceted piece of jewelry in a couple of ways. 

Wear alone

Diamond tennis bracelets of any style or size are strong enough to be worn alone.

Embrace color

Tennis bracelets with gemstone accents add a pop of color. Diamonds and gemstones can be mixed in a bracelet or an all gemstone design can be chosen.

Mix varying sizes

Our favorite way to wear diamond tennis bracelets is to wear them side by side.

Pair with a watch

Your diamond tennis bracelet will look substantial on your wrist when paired with a watch. Adding a diamond bezel to your watch will add even more sparkle.

Layer with pearls

Combining diamonds and pearls is the ultimate in refinement and elegance.

Get the Perfect Fit by Measuring Your Wrist at Home

What is a Tennis Bracelet

The moment your new tennis bracelet arrives at your door, you want to enjoy it immediately. We’ve put together a guide so you can easily measure your wrist size at home for bracelets. The only thing left is to wait for your stunning jewellery to arrive so you can flaunt it with all your favourite outfits!

Choosing a Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets elevate your appearance in formal or casual settings, with their sleek and modern design. This dazzling jewelry piece can never go wrong, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift. Tennis bracelets are timeless classics. This is a timeless classic that goes with almost everything.

Let our experts help you find the right tennis bracelet to complement your everyday jewelry at any John Atencio location. To show her how much you care, we can also help you choose the right jewelry gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Bracelets

If you still have questions after learning what a tennis bracelet is, we’re here to help!

Can I wear a tennis bracelet every day?

The tennis bracelet is durable, but you should avoid wearing it during strenuous activities to keep them in good condition.

Are there budget-friendly tennis bracelet options?

A wide variety of brands offer affordable but stylish tennis bracelets to suit a variety of budgets.

Can I resize my tennis bracelet?

Professional jewelers can resize most tennis bracelets to ensure a perfect fit.

What’s the difference between a tennis bracelet and a line bracelet?

It is common to confuse the terms, but tennis bracelets often have smaller stones that are individually set.

Do men wear tennis bracelets?

That’s right! Men are increasingly wearing tennis bracelets, breaking traditional gender norms.


To conclude, tennis bracelets have timeless allure that has captivated people for centuries. It is hard to deny the significance of diamonds in the world of jewelry, no matter if they are classic or modern pieces.

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